TOK Movie Moment Opportunity: HER

The film “Her” is coming out, and it brings up a lot of interesting issues about humanity, love, identity, and our relationship with our increasingly sophisticated technology.

There’s a GREAT review (read it, please) and video review by the Boston Globe:

“It is a love story. Also a profoundly metaphysical meditation on what it means to be human. Also one of the more touchingly relevant movies to the ways we actually live and may soon live”

“What a surprise: Communicating with people through machines ends up making you more comfortable with machines than people.”

“…a gentle and sorrowful rumination on our uneasiness with the actualities of love — how we think we’re seeking love when we really just crave attention. In the future, “Her” says, there’ll be an app for that…”

“What would happen if our machines outgrew us, the film wonders, the way one lover can move on from another? Where would they move on to? “Her” leads us gently up the slope of metaphysics to the very edge of the cliff, and then it leaves us there with no one to talk to but ourselves”


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