TED: Design for All 5 Senses

Jinsop Lee tries to find out the answer to “Why is sex so good?” by using his “5 senses Theory”, and why designers should create products that appeal to all 5 senses.


1. Use The 5 senses Theory to create your own “5 senses Graph” for a daily activity you do (like a sport or even a mundane activity). Record your graph and post to your blog.

2. Alone or with a partner, devise an ideal product that maximizes the 5 Senses into the design (like he did at the end). Be sure to draw it and give it a cool name! We will post these to our G+ community under “Digital Artifacts” with the hashtag #sensedesign as well as to your own blog. (feel free to tweet it too).

3. Play “Disruptus” – a new game in divergent thinking that will help us get back into the swing of TOKing and is also quite similar to the Jinsop Lee experiment. (you can even share some of your creations to our G+ Discussion forum)

Here’s an idea Sweden had for its subway- they wanted to get people to exercise more


Check out these AMAZING IDEAS for the common umbrella!



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