Breaking down the Senses Part I: VISUAL PERCEPTION

Check out this Museum devoted to the 5 Senses


How does our VISUAL PERCEPTION help and hinder our pursuit of knowledge?

Be prepared to TWEET throughout the videos we watch today- the Tweet stream will be archived. Be professional and thoughtful. #tokkailua

(Interview related to above video)

BBC Science of Attraction

Related to the HALO EFFECT VIDEO (80’s dating vids- funny!)


***We’ll be using THIS GOOGLE SLIDESHOW for an activity

Here’s a profile pic compilation in video form:

How are our Senses MANIPULATED by the MEDIA?


Symbolic Codes: Color, Objects, Animals

Written Codes: You & Only You; Buzzwords, Catch Phrases

Technical Codes Jr.: Camera Angles, Framing, Lighting

 TASK: For this I’d like you to try to find Symbolic Codes, Written Codes, and Tech Codes Jr. – you might even create your own (i.e. camera angles). Post to our G+ with the tag #codes

TED ED LESSON (created by Mrs. B)

***TASK: After watching the video, you can go through the “Think” questions as a group but you will need to choose 1 of the “Dig Deeper” Questions to respond to on your blog.



How can we use AUGMENTED REALITY APPS to enhance our visual sense perception?

Augmented Reality, or AR is fast becoming integrated into our lives. One of my favorite apps is Acrossair, which allows you to find your car, get additional info about a particular place, AND (my favorite) see what people near you have recently tweeted.


Here are 40 more (often free) AR apps to check out (some are games!)

Some really cool articles in Mashable

Article: 5 Reasons to Get Excited about AR in 2013

Did you always want to graffiti something and not get in trouble Try STREET TAG (see video)

I recently purchased SketchWiz, which allows you to create different types of sketchy photos or film from what your camera sees.


What do you think about this?


Optical Illusions May Help Arthritis

Are V-shaped Facial Features Threatening?

Drug Hallucinations Look Real in the Brain

4D Artwork Challenges Our Brain (great images!)

Visual Media: It’s All about the Images (Infographic)

Women Recognize Living Things Better Than Guys



The Art of the Profile Picture

What your Profile Pic Says about You

Now, Click through this slideshow on Selfies and be sure to focus on slide #18, 22, 23, 32, 37, 43, 44, 46, 51

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 8.29.17 AM

But…Do Selfies Make us better People?

The Science Behind Why we take Selfies

“This lack of visual knowledge about our own faces means we have a very inaccurate representation of what our own faces look like at any given time. For example, it has been demonstrated that when people are shown an image of themselves and asked to match it they are unable to accurately produce the same facial expression without being able to see themselves…This might in part explain our obsession with selfies. For the first time we are able to take and retake pictures of ourselves until we can produce an image that come closer to matching our perception of what we think we look like

The Art of the Selfie

“The selfie, in other words, is starting to serve as a portrait of the culture at large, a Rorschach test for a collective anxiety about how rapid technological change and social media are shaping society, providing tools that allow us to become Neros fiddling while ice caps melt and genocides rage.”


2013 The Year of the Selfie – really, a dramatic shift in the way we communicate as a species

“In general, we’re seeing images move from being a source of pure documentation to being a mechanism of communication,”

And…Welcome to the first “Instagram Hotel”...Media philosopher Marshall McLuhan once said “We shape our tools and then our tools shape us”





Remember that video we saw from MIT Media Lab where the tagcloud of pertinent words appeared circling on the boy’s chest as he is met by his friend? Keep that in mind, and create an augmented image of yourself OR yourself with friends. Annotate different areas with #metadata – things about you that are not obvious when looking at you..a little like this:

Hipster Infographic 18

2. SELFIE VLOGLLAGE (Vlog + Collage) 

A. Look through your selfies (you probably have at least 3…if not, take some!). Choose at least 3 and try to analyse them, looking for the “story” behind them. Use the points made in the slideshow above and all the articles regarding selfies to help you deconstruct this visual communication.

B. Make a short (2-5 min) vlog commentary on your analysis of your particular selfies AND with the phenomenon in general, referring to AT LEAST 2 of the resources above (you can always find more as well).

C. Create a montage/ collage with the stills and the images. I use the app PicPlayPost, but it is $1.99 so you can get creative with other free ways to do this (even a simple movie with voiceover would be fine)



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