Color or Synesthesia Project

Just a refresher:


This will be a creative project attempting to integrate one of your DP COURSES with our studies of COLOR and/or SYNESTHESIA (as a Perceptual Way of Knowing in TOK). It will also help prep you for the Presentation Assessment task, as you will be making connections to the WOK and to other AOK.

1. Review your DP courses (such as Psychology, Art, Music, Biology, Chemistry, Language A and the like)…which one do you think could tie in best to our explorations of color and/or synesthesia?

2. Propose a project. Use this PROPOSAL DOCUMENT , which includes very specific questions. You are encouraged to do something that might prove useful for the other class. If you are working with another teacher to earn credit for that class, please follow their guidelines.

3. After getting approval, proceed with your project and be ready to share in class and post on your blog. Depending on the project, you might need to construct a slideshow of some sort.

***these should be fun but somewhat challenging and relevant, as well as cross-disciplinary.


My Diigo List:

Ideas: (just to get you started, but this list is by no means exhaustive)

Music students: compose a piece of music based on a color, or an artwork, or a scent; OR record yourself singing a mash-up of various songs related to color (such as “blue”); research and present how certain composers have used their synesthesia in their work.

Drama students: Write a scene or short script based on a color, or even through the eyes of someone with Synesthesia- (perform live or film); Use color symbolism in a dramatisation or personify the colors with their symbolism attached to action; research and present how color symbolism has been used in famous films, or how synesthesia has been used (such as in Disney’s Fantasia)

Psychology Students: research and present how certain psychedelic drugs produce synesthesia, and their effects; create a documentary of mash-ups from various resources to explain the phenomenon of synesthesia; research the psychology of colors and color symbolism and make a film, infographic, or other sort of presentation – or design an experiment that involves testing subjects’ reactions to colors.

Bio Students: research varying levels of color perception in the animal kingdom and create a documentary film or other sort of presentation; furhter investigate the neuroscience behind synesthesia and create a presentation rich with visuals; do a lab related to color and demonstrate the results

Art Students: create a photo book based on colors or a photo shoot related to color symbolism; listen to various music and create art while doing so …see what you get; using the psychology of color infographic or color symbolism site, create graphic design elements or an interior design or advertising portfolio.

History Students: Research the historical acquisition AND use of color and color symbolism… explore similarities and differences in cultures, then create a digital timeline using capzles or timeglider. Research how color has played a part in nation-building, or how it is symbolic in times of war (good time to investigate the various “Color Revolutions”), then create a documentary film, Prezi, or Vuvox. Take a series of events in History and get Synesthetic- that is, assign them colors (for a reason) and create an infographic.

Language A Students: Explore the fascinating world of naming colors and present your research in an equally fascinating way; curate poems or other literature related to specific color, or analyze how color is used as symbolism in literature ( a multimedia artpiece using words and images would be nice with this).

Here is an example of a PROPOSAL followed by a video of the experiment:

Other examples from 2014:

Color Symbolism in Spanish (literature ) on Prezi

An art-piece created according to music:

Color as it relates to Skin Tone and Racism (video + article)

Prezi on Colors in Nature and Perception of Animals

Examples from Class of 2013:

– Prezi comparing Japanese and American color symbolism

– Prezi: What ways is color used in Literature (VIEW)

– Vlog: Color Symbolism in Theatre (VIEW)

– REmix film: Synesthesia and Emotions (VIEW)

– Google slide show comparing human perception of colors with other animals’ perceptions

– Original music composition related to color / imagery (VIEW)

-Prezi analyzing color and emotion OR Video (VIEW)

– Prezi analyzing the relationship between drugs and synesthesia

– Prezi on the origins of color names

– Social Psych experiment and Prezi about music videos and color (VIEW)

– Colors and Video Game characters (perceptions) – presented in video

– Slide show: Color in Packaging and Marketing

– Chromoacoustics (sound and color)

– Chemistry experiment (VIEW)


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