SKRIK! The Scream

During our exploration of Emotion as a Way of Knowing, we will be watching a documentary on the famous Edvard Much artwork,

The Scream (Skrik, 1893)


During the film please tweet with thoughts and questions (these will be archived as class notes; use #tokscream).

Prior to the film please review these resources:

*note connections to Sense Perception as a WOK and Psychology as an AOK in particular

The Scream: A Critical Analysis

Existential Superstar: Another Look at the Scream

MOMA: The Scream now on Display (well, one of them) – excellent “Making of…podcast”

Smithsonian: Munch- Beyond The Scream

Art Mystery Solved, Mogul is Scream Buyer

Expressionism in Art Stop-Motion

Online Art Lecture: 20th C Expressionism

(Munch starts at 9 min)

Lonely Planet: The Scream and Munch (really cool 4 minutes!)

You might also consider contributing to this crowdsourced remix project:

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