This I Believe: Project Styles, Specs, and Exemplars

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Due Date: (i.e posted to YouTube and on your blog and ready to present)
per.2 and 3: Studio Day Oct. 4; due Oct 8
per. 5 and 8: Studio Day Oct. 7; due Oct. 9

I thought I’d compile a brief list of video-making styles that are perfectly feasible with ordinary equipment like

a. a video camera, iPad camera, smart-phone camera, Go-Pro, or web-cam on your computer

b. basic editing software (iMovie, editing within YouTube, Moviemaker, WeVideo, other…)

KEEP IN MIND: your video style should be “do-able” for you personally AND reflect your own unique talents (e.g. artists might wish to draw, paint or sculpt; musicians and singers/rappers might wish to perform, etc.)

A GREAT place to start perusing styles is my “CREATE” folder on Diigo.


1. Use of cards, signs, post-its

2. Use of sped-up film (great for drawing!)

3. Use of voiceover (this is SOOOO much better than recording yourself talking with feedback from the environment. I recommend a SNOWBALL MICROPHONE- I have one you can borrow or you can check one out from the Ideas Lab) ***recording in the bathroom or car helps, too.

4. Use of friends or little kids- everyone likes to see both and it provides a different perspective.

5. Use of your own photography (there are a lot of photographers among you- schedule a shoot!)

6. Use of an inanimate object as your “star” (think metaphorically) 

7. Use of black and white- not often done, but quite effective.

8. Use of kinetic typography – let the text tell your story symbolically.

***one student used PREZI and made a screencast for a poor man’s kinetic typography

9.  Stop-motion animation….great for making objects come to life (iMovie recommended for this)

10.       “Common Craft” style (e.g.


11.    “RSA Animate” style (e.g.

OR the original

12. ·      Camera insert with live screenshots of desktop (e.g.

13. ·      “Choose Your Own Adventure” on YouTube using the Spotlight tool to have other vids hyperlinked within the video


14. Ken Burns Effect (pan and zoom) on own artwork

15. Paint on glass like Picasso

16. A Google Search Story-type

OR see Danny’s:

17. Use of a Go Pro camera

18. Try out PowToon (see tutorials HERE)

19. New app called Magisto makes artsy videos out of stills and video

20. Here’s Madeline’s using Stop Motion

21. Don’t be afraid to show your unique artistic talents like Cori did:

22. Probably one of the most unique- CATS! (what’s the Internet without cats?)

23. Try having a surprise at the end

24. You can even sing or rap, like David

25. Signs are always good…

26. Try using your friends (interview them!)