Semester Final Creative Reflection: The TOK Listicle


It’s been lovely learning with you this past semester – your first of 3.5 semesters of Theory of Knowledge.

This is what we’ll be doing the last class period, and your goal is to have it posted to your blog by the end of the period.

You can access the entire G doc here:–pSjJnJ0ajLCmwbM/edit?usp=sharing

Don’t forget: You need to POST to your own blog AND to our G+ community tagged #semfinal


Make a creative Listicle reflecting your experience with the First Semester of TOK. You must seek to answer these 10 queries, but you can do more if you like. It’s implied that all of these include the “and why” factor: that is, you must indicate your reasoning behind selecting them for the list. Finally, you must try to publish to your blog by the end of the 90 min class. ***you can work alone or with 1 other person

1. Your favourite activity

2. Your favourite project or assignment (completed by you)

3. Your favourite PEER project (produced by a peer)

4. The best external (not student-produced) VIDEO (TED talk, etc.) we watched.

5. Most INTERESTING concept/ idea / topic/ fact you learned about.

6. The most USEFUL concept / idea/ topic / fact you learned about.

7. The best tweet (either you or a peer authored)

8. An idea for the future (what you’d like to study, as it relates to TOK, or some activity or project that would be interesting, or a great question you’d like to focus on

9. A “TOK moment” you’ve had (in another class or in your real life – a time when you’ve realized how relevant what we discuss in TOK is, or you find something that would be applicable to our TOK class)

10. A photo/ image / OR word that sums up TOK succinctly

Methods of Madness

If you have another idea, let me know. However, you should steer clear of Powerpoint, Prezi, or Google Slideshow for this, and whatever you do should be do-able in the 90 min block.

___VINE video smashup ( or Instagram)

___VISUAL THINKING / SKETCHNOTES  (digital or manual)

___ COLLAGE annotated with THINGLINK ( try Picmonkey Collage if on laptop)

____ INFOGRAPHIC (digital or manual)
***you can choose to do voiceovers for any of these as well, if you film them.


You need to be very specific about the resources you choose for the list, so here are some helpful links

Our TOK class BLOG (see all posts)

Our TOK class G+ (scroll through the categories)

Our YouTube Channel Playlists

Our David Weinberger “Too Big To Know” collaborative document

Your OWN blog and all assignments

Your PEERS’ blogs

Our Storify (Archived Tweets and #tokkailuaQs)






video: how to use hand-drawn notes and film them

video (for ipad):

VideoScribe (free trial)

Video: visualizing complex ideas:

Annotated Collage with Thinglink


Thinglink (sign up for free acct):

OR try Glogster for a multimedia poster:

see this annotated infographic:

@Braddo’s sketchnote + Thinglink


My Diigo list of resources

20+ Tools

Best Tools List for Infographic Creation

For HAND-DRAWN, search “Infodoodles”