Wrapping Up Your Stop Motion Project

Since this is your first post official post for TOK, I thought it would be helpful to give you some tips and guidelines for posting.

1. Each student should post the project to his or her own blog, even if it is a group project – remember – in the end these blogs are your portfolios.

2. Feel free to tweet out links to projects you feel proud of.


3. First post your StopMotion to your school YouTube channel (if you would also like to post it to Vimeo that is fine, but use the school YouTube as well). If it is a partner project, it’s ok to have it on just one channel, as you can always get the link and even download it.


4. Settings: you should use “unlisted” or “public”, but not “private”.

5. Description: you should include a brief description on your video, at least 1 tag, and attribution to any resources or inspiration (in this case, music and the author of your quote).

6. Tagging: suggested YouTube tags for this project would be “quote”, “knowledge”, “philosophy”, “tok”, “IB’, “theory of knowledge”, “education”, “inspiration”, “wisdom”, “stopmotion”, “animation”, “project”, “author-of-your-quote’s-name”. *you do not need to pick all of these but the more the merrier.


7. Next, create a new post on your individual blog space with the following:

___a title

___the YouTube url to your project (it will automatically embed)

___a brief description of the project (1-2 sentences)

___a brief reflection of the project (1-3 sentences): Why and How you made it the way you did, what challenges you faced and how did you troubleshoot, what you learned from it, what you’d do differently, what you liked…that sort of thing. ***reflections are really helpful for all parties involved. I frequently use ┬ástudent suggestions for troubleshooting when I assign the project in the future,

___tags: it’s VERY important you tag each blog post, even with just a few tags. Suggested tags for this project: “unit1”, “stopmotion”, “animation”, “film”, “project”, “quote”, “authorofquotename”


8. Finally, we’ll have a STOP-MOTION FILM FESTIVAL and enjoy each other’s creations. I plan to archive them all in a YouTube playlist on our TOK YouTube channel

9. They will also be shared in the “Digital Artifact” section of our G+ Community

10. I encourage all of you to comment on as many of your peer’s projects as possible. You can comment on their YouTube channel or to their blog post. Maintain Decorum. Be nice. Be constructive if needed. Ask questions. A HUGE part of navigating in the media landscape in which we exist is “shout-outs”. You would be surprised as to how much sincere compliments and support can bring you opportunities and amazing connections.