Welcome to TOK DP1

If you are reading this you are in the right place. This blog serves as our course space, though we will be conversing and posting to our G+ Community, as well as backchannelling with Twitter.

I’m excited to start this blogging journey with you. You will be curators for the next 2 years, and these blogs will help you share your findings and reflections to the world. I’ll be doing my own share of blogging as well. Have fun and think deeply!

Below is a short video overview of TOK and what it’s about. The students and projects you see are from the first cohort.

You shall no longer take things at second or third hand, nor look through the eyes of the dead, nor feed on the spectres in books,
You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me,
You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self…

Not I, not any one else can travel that road for you,

You must travel it for yourself. 

It is not far, it is within reach. Perhaps you have been on it since you were born…

and did not know…

Walt Whitman: From Song of Myself (1855)


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Where to find assignments and rubrics?


(I post all assignments on Managebac with hyperlinks back to the original blog post with detailed instruction)

Assignments are categorized and weighted as follows:

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 8.09.58 AM

You will always have a chance to complete missing work or add to/augment existing work in order to improve a score. However, it might take me longer to assess late work and there will be a final cut-off date prior to grades be due after which you cannot submit work. Keep in mind that if the assignment is not posted to your blog when due, I will mark as a zero (temporary) with an attached note.


In the first few class periods, you will be signing up for a few key digital tools, like Twitter and your blog space. It is helpful to 

a. use your real name attached to your school email address (you want to establish positive digital presence)

b. use the same password for everything (should be the one you use for your school email – though at times it’s a good idea to change your password)

#TOKkailua in the ETHER – we may be defined by geography, but we are not confined by it


TOK is a bit of a HYBRID course, meaning everything is transparent and shared digitally, and you are often expected to participate even when you are not physically in the TOK classroom. After all, our learning takes place everywhere and anywhere and is not confined to brick and mortar walls or specific “school periods”.

Sometimes your participation will be synchronous (at the same time as everyone else’s), and other times it will be asynchronous (at different, more individualized times).

Class 1


1. Take the Proust Questionnaire (interactive version) LINKED HERE. For more about the history of this questionnaire, and what Proust himself answered, check out the Wikipedia article HERE.

They use the Proust Questionnaire on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” and here’s some outtakes from Meryl Streep’s interview:

Here’s a brief video example using 80’s band Duran Duran

Take a screen shot of the celebrities you answered most alike, and when you get your Twitter account, please post your motto (140 char or less) and the image with the hashtag #tokproust. Here’s mine:


2. Take the BYOD device survey linked HERE I am interested to know what type of devices you are bringing, and if you have a smartphone with camera. We will be doing a lot of movie and vlog production, as well as social media (G+, Twitter, Instagram), and it is imperative you have the proper tools. There will not be much printing, as we do everything via blogs and Google apps. Speaking of apps, you might notice an App Board at the back of the room for suggested favorite apps – please feel free to post.

3. Take the Where Do We Get Our Knowledge? Quiz HERE. (results will be discussed in the second class)

3. Join the Remind 101 group. This is the most effective way to give you reminders, as most people don’t check their emails regularly.


4. Some time this week, produce a quick vlog (video blog) for the VoxBoxED project and send the file to me via email. The question for the first week is: “What song does the first day/week of school remind you of and why?” (feel free to sing a bit of it!). ***please note that these will be mashed up and produced into a video shared on YouTube and Twitter.

5. Sometime in the first two classes we will be setting up your personal blogs and Twitter accounts. This year I am giving you a choice in blogging platforms (Blogger or WordPress, unless you have any other ideas). We used WordPress in DP1 and DP2 last year after Posterous bit the bullet. There are mobile apps for both. You will simply need to be able to write text and tag, and post images and YouTube videos from your school channel. After you have set up both services, please POST YOUR URLS TO THIS GOOGLE SPREADSHEET so I can post them to our class blog.

VIDEO TUTORIAL for setting up WordPress 


6. Stop Motion Quotes. First access this document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Audn0mjvDd8mdDlud3BBYUZnVVozWGkzRndEV203c3c&usp=sharing

Claim one of the quotes by typing your name next to it.

You will be making a brief STOP MOTION animation film to illustrate the quote in any way you see fit. You may wish to work with a partner in that case , perhaps do 2 quotes that relate well together.

Think about interesting ways to play with the typography and give visual meaning to the quote.

Supplies: I have Play-Doh, paper, markers, post-its, magazines…you may also use human bodies, small objects, or even food!

Suggested APPS: Vine, StopMotionStudioHD by Cateater, MyCreate, StopMotionCafe, iMotionHD, StopMotionRecorder, StopMotionCamera, Smoovie, Boinx iStopMotion, even iMovie (import stills and make all the same short frame rate). ***most are free, or $.99 and can be on your iPhone as well.

For Android, try Gifinator, StopMotion Lite (GooglePlay), Vine for Android

Here are more choices: http://appsnuke.com/752/7-stop-motion-apps-for-ios/


Production Suggestions: Definitely include music and perhaps even a voiceover. Copyright free music can be found within iMovie or at Jamendo OR better yet, upload your video (or multiple Vines) to YouTube, then go to http://www.youtube.com/editor and choose some cool copyright-free audio tracks there. You can even splice video clips together.)

Post-Production: You will need to upload to your school YouTube channel as “Public” or “Unlisted” (not Private) and post to your new TOK blog to be ready to share.

Here’s an example using post-its:

And here’s a crowd-sourced compilation of different styles of stop-motion:


Here’s a student example using paper:

And another using a variety of materials:

One using human bodies and a LOT of planning:

And a 3-D one:

One of my favorites (at the end it gives you the specs)

***Instagram Challenge***


Take a shot of your favorite / best experience today (first day of school) and post to Instagram, with #tokkailua