Useful TOK Blogs and Sites

IB Students Thinking Outside the Box:

Theory of Knowledge (one of my favs!)

Student forum for all IB TOK students

Amy Scott’s site (one of the most comprehensive)

Mr. Ferlazzo’s TOK class blog with resources

Homo Discens: a cool, artsy TOK resource

ThOK notes (very thorough!)

Poudre HS TOK site

Games (philosophy-related)

Eric MacKnight’s blog (a wealth of resources!)

Eric MacKnight’s TOK class (wow)

TOK Bible wiki (created by students)

Philosophy online TOK

Connecticut IB Academy Jr. TOK

IBTOKspot (one of my favs)

Triple A Learning IB TOK blogs (interesting stuff!)

TOK resource by Andrew Brown, San Francisco

Ms Johnson (Canada) Theory Of Knowledge

TOK talk!- blog and podcast

Mike Metzler’s Tok resources

Mrs. Ronahan’s TOK blog

That is Soooo Tok! site

Mr. MacCollum’s class blog

BTHS blog

Riverstone TOKCAS wiki

Mr. Hoye’s site  (THIS ONE IS SUPER DUPER!)


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